"4 Ways to Integrate Intelligent Automation Into Your Process Improvement Efforts"

Our SogetiLabs expert Dough Ross explains us 4 ways in which we can integrate automation to improve our process. Read more.

Six Sigma, the well-known framework for process improvement that was invented at General Electric, is nearly 40 years old! First introduced by engineer Bill Smith in 1980, legendary GE CEO Jack Welch recognized the value of the methodology and, by 1995, it was a critical pillar of GE’s business strategy.

Originally intended to drive out waste and inefficiency in manufacturing, it quickly became a popular method for also improving white-collar business processes across industries.

Six Sigma focuses on financial benefits and data-driven decision-making. This turned out to be a sea change or many businesses, where management by intuition or anecdote had long dominated. Six Sigma programs, while not without some level of controversy, have inarguably changed how we think about improving business processes.

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    Doug Ross
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