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Flexible testing resource allows HML to realise £200,000 a month cost savings ahead of schedule

Sogeti provides in-house staff for on-time delivery of migration and testing project.


After the parent company of HML was merged with another, they needed to run a migration project of £2.6bn of mortgage assets, and a number of asset transfers and securitisations with existing clients. It generated a surge in demand for migration and testing teams at HML, which did not have the in-house staff to meet its needs. HML approached Sogeti to supply a small team on site to help them deliver on schedule. It also allowed HML to try out the capability of Sogeti to deliver skilled testing staff and knowledge transfer.


Based on the success of this trial, HML decided Sogeti offered a more flexible and cost effective model than increasing the size of its own in-house testing and migration team. It committed to using Sogeti to scale up its staffing levels to cover the migration project.

After turning to Sogeti for help, HML was able to meet tight deadlines on major projects while keeping a lean internal testing team. The migration project was successfully completed in a year and saved £200,000 a month by utilising a single infrastructure. HML now uses the experienced Sogeti team members as a true extension of its in-house team, involving them in the initial planning stage with clients to streamline migration and testing. This level of trust is indicative of how important the relationship has become.


HML now has the ability to quickly scale up its staffing levels to meet short duration, high intensity projects, without having to retain expensive staff during lulls in activity. The partnership with Sogeti has become fundamental to how the business delivers projects quickly and is extending into other areas, including application development testing. HML is now able to board clients faster because it can scale up its migration and testing resources by calling on a substantial pool of trained staff from Sogeti. As HML grows its range of products and services, and takes on new clients, the ability to quickly and cost effectively add professional testers to its team is a capability that helps differentiate it from its competitors.

About HML

HML works for over 30 UK and Irish lenders and has over 45,000 different financial products on its system, ranging from core mortgage administration services, account management, call centre facilities, management information, portfolio trading, standby services, etc.

HML operates a high availability service from locations across the UK and has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, managing more than £40bn of mortgage assets.