Disbled parking

Defi H Series (Part 3): HIPS to help the disabled find parking spots

In the third article of the series, we discuss how the Handicap Intelligent Park System (HIPS) – developed by the team that won the Jeune Pousse Award at the Defi H Competition – will help the physically challenged people find a parking spot easily.

The need

When the team was contacting several NGOs to find a unique idea that could be developed into a solution during the Défi H competition, a representative of the Ivry-sur-Seine disability committee (Mission Handicap) pointed out, “It would be convenient if people with disabilities could find their parking spaces more easily.” Hence, the Team decided to take up the challenge!

The project details

HIPS is an application for people owning a disability or a parking card (for disabled people).
The parking space detection system sends a live stream to this application that updates the status of the parking spaces. Consequently, the user gets to know in advance which parking space is available near his/her destination.

As of now, the App can be used on  Android and Windows Phones. [...]


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