"Saluting Digital"

With the word "Digital" being peppered constantly in our lives, SogetiLabs expert Alistair Gerrard explains as to what does "Digital" actually mean in his latest blog.

Our lives have recently been infiltrated, possibly bombarded, and certainly peppered with the word Digital, and yet as IT professionals, its recent proliferation distracts from the purpose of its rise to fame.

Let’s start by stating those simple definitions which we can rule out: It’s nothing to do with fingers or toes.

There are links to means of displaying the time (Smartwatches?), and there are links to using or storing data in the form of digital signals, but it’s not really those either.

The final definition has a little more promise, and yet you may decide in reality it has little promise: “involving or relating to the use of computer technology.” 

Read the entire blog post and interact with Alistair on the SogetiLabs website.

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