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Smart Cities – Dumb People

There’s a long history of people who are dumb.. Why else would there be a series of movies called Dumb and Dumber, and Dumbo not to mention the Darwin awards.

Thinking of the trouble that people can get up to without “Smart Cities” helping them is best described as “interesting.” Interesting being a synonym for bowl-emptying, terrifying (see item 5 in the list of Smart City services)

Do you want to live in a city that is smarter than you? And where does a Smart City stop? What if you live in a town? Or a village? Or even in your home? What about the parking system linking to the company health insurer and deciding you need to walk a bit more?

Now if you are reading this I’m going to mark you down as being on the smarter side of the human spectrum (you can read, use a computer and you’ve found this blog entry) and I want you to think about a little about Smart Cities. [...]


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