Testing of Chatbots: Part I

Our SogetiLabs expert Humayun Shaukat explains different types of chatbots and how they are being used in different industries.

Chatbots are one class of intelligent, conversational software agents activated by natural language input (which can be in the form of text, voice, or both). They provide conversational output in response, and if commanded, can sometimes also execute tasks. Although chatbot technologies have existed since the 1960s and have influenced user interface development in games since the early 1980s, chatbots are now easier to train and implement. This is due to plentiful open source code, widely available development platforms, and implementation options. Naturally, all this needs to go through a quality check tunnel too before Go-live. Chatbots are indeed revolutionizing the interaction between organizations and individuals, but one thing still lacks, the industry still hasn’t been able to achieve is standardizing the chatbot testing. This blog presents a literature review of quality issues and attributes of Chatbots. First of all, I would like to deep-dive in types of chatbots.

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    Humayun Shaukat
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