For å møte endringer i markedet og kundenes behov har vi forfattet og publisert et dusin bøker med mål om å hjelpe bedrifter til å møte fremtidige utfordringer og muligheter.


Alle våre bøker og rapporter er lette tilgjengelige og kan lastes ned fra vår online bokhandel.
Våre siste publikasjoner:

Alle våre bøker er skrevet på engelsk.


Neil’s Quest for Quality - A TMap® HD Story 

Aldert Boersma, Erik Vooijs and Thomas Veltman

This is a new book in the TMap suite. Together with the
website TMap.net it is the innovative next step, building
on the existing TMap® knowledge. This book contains the
TMap Human Driven (TMap® HD) story, consisting of a
business novel, building blocks, Mr. Mikkel’s musings and
contributions from the innovation board in testing.
Between the chapters of the novel, building blocks are
included with in-depth text, for anyone who wants to know
more on these specific topics. Mr. Mikkel, our mysterious
mentor, muses a few times on the subjects in the book and
introduces the use of building blocks in his first musings.
TMap.net contains all further techniques, methods and
theory, for anyone looking for still more depth and detail.

Visit the bookstore: Neil’s Quest for Quality - A TMap® HD Story

Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game
Erik van Ommeren, Martin Borrett and Marinus Kuivenhoven

Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security GameCo-written with IBM, Sogeti has published their latest publication on cyber security; ‘Staying ahead in the Cyber Security Game: What Matters Now’. The book is purposely brief and focuses on the most recent and relevant topics in cyber security. In addition, the book focuses on the organisation, management and governance dimensions of security, staying away from technical discussion. Each chapter highlights one of the most recent developments, what it means and why you should consider doing things differently as a result.

Visit the bookstore: Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game.

No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics
Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein, Jaap Bloem, Thomas van Manen, Erik van Ommeren and Sandeep Sachdeva

No More Secrets in the Cyber Security GameThis book provides an overview of the new Big Data reality, aiding you in unlocking your own Big Data potential, and a handy how-to on leveraging social data and privacy. No More Secrets lets you walk firmly with both feet on the ground in the reality of Big Data Analytics, and will inspire you to create better insights and business decisions using Big Data.

With “No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics”, Sogeti’s research lab VINT, aims to create clarity by putting experience and vision in perspective, from an independent viewpoint with plenty of examples.

Visit the bookstore: No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics.


TMap NEXT in Scrum
Leo van der Aalst and Cecile Davis

TMap NEXT in ScrumSogeti’s TMap NEXT in scrum publication explains how concepts such as “lean,” “agile” and “scrum” can be applied in practice. The integration of the TMap NEXT® methodology with Scrum is described in two ways; first, for organizations that are familiar with TMap® and want to apply it in a scrum environment; and secondly, for organisations that already work in a scrum environment. It shows how to integrate TMap® in this environment, using concrete practical examples for additional clarity. In this book Sogeti also shows that software testing is an integral part of a Scrum approach and not a separate process.

The book is available in several versions – ePub, Softcover and pdf.

Visit the bookstore: TMap NEXT in Scrum.


The Connected Workforce
Erik van Ommeren, Marc Herubel, Per Björkegren

The Connected WorkforceThe Connected Workforce provides effective strategies for facilitating a digital transformation within the enterprise while still maximizing existing technology investments. The book also includes a roadmap on how to get there, from building your vision to the execution of projects that excite and energize both clients and employees alike.

The Connected Workforce is available as an e-book or hardcover.

Visit the bookstore: The Connected Workforce.


The PointZERO® Vision
Ewald Roodenrijs

The PointZERO® VisionPointZERO® is our full lifecycle approach to reduce and eliminate defects at the source, mitigate risks and decrease or avoid costs, increase productivity and speed up time to market without sacrificing quality. It is an umbrella vision encompassing a shift in approach that goes across the application lifecycle model to reach business success.

PointZERO® is a vision aimed at increasing business success by parallel and step-by-step improvement across the application lifecycle to shorten time to market, avoid and reduce cost, eliminate risk and reach a fit for purpose quality.

Visit the bookstore: The PointZERO® Vision.

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