2019 Enterprise Acceleration Briefing

EVENT: Enterprise Acceleration Briefing 2019

Digital assets for the Synthetic Organization.

When? June 12-13 2019
Elite Marina Tower hotel in Stockholm, Sweden


The Synthetic Organization is now

Some organizations are doing digital by evolution. Others are digital by origin. Both are heading towards the same direction: winning the minds and the hearts of the 21st century customer. But the end point hasn't been clearly defined. The digital pure players are moving towards the non-digital. The digital evoluters are going in the opposite direction. In between they meet - a perfect synthesis of digital and physical, of what feels natural and what is desirable: The Synthetic Organization.

We can’t predict how the future looks like, we can only try to envision how that synthetic future could play out. We see search engine companies stepping into autonomous driving, e-retailers opening physical shops, social media companies are getting into unmanned stores, home-delivery services expanding in new directions.

Preparing for all that turbulence requires a clear investment strategy for your digital assets. Our digital asset framework will be our guidance for this year’s technology update. These four pillars of that framework will be at the center of this discussion:

  • Unified digital platform
  • Advanced analytics capability
  • Agile solution delivery
  • Business & IT Fusion

The discussion will be complemented by new insights from SogetiLabs. Based on a new report "The Synthetic Generation" we will conduct a deep dive into the near future. The current synthesis of digital and non-digital that we see in younger generations (millennials and post millennials) will be a reference for older generations who typically run the digital transformation programs.

This year’s questions:

  • What are the best practices of proven technology today?
  • How do you prepare for the Synthetic Future?
  • How to invest in these digital assets, while keeping current business profitable.
  • What can we learn from new types of behavior coming from the youngest generations?


Do you want to be challenged? Do you want to engage in discussions on this synthetic future? Can we collaboratively define the key elements of becoming a synthetic organization?

Please be our guest at the Elite Marina Tower hotel, Stockholm and join us for the ENTERPRISE ACCELERATION BRIEFING 2019 on Digital assets for the Synthetic Organization on June 12-13.

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Wednesday June 12th

  • 12:00 Welcome Lunch
  • 13:00 Setting the Stage; Digital Assets for the Synthetic Organization
    • Digital Assets
    • Unified digital Platform
    • Agile solution delivery
    • Forum Discussion
  • 17:30 End Day 1
  • 20:00 Dinner at Fotografiska

Thursday June 13th

  • 8:30 Start Day 2
    • Digital journey best practices
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Business & IT fusion
    • The Synthetic Generation
    • Forum Discussion
  • 13:00 End program, lunch


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Michiel BoreelMichiel Boreel
Sogeti Global CTO

Michiel Boreel has been working in the IT Industry for over 30 years. Now in the role of CTO contributing to the innovation in Sogeti, one of Capgemini’s strategic business units. At Sogeti Michiel established SogetiLabs, a think tank  with the goal of inspiring customers to apply new technology in business processes. Constant theme in all of the SogetiLabs research is the question what role IT will play in the future society and how technology can be applied to create meaningful business innovation. Since the start of the institute it has published over 15 books and reports.  Based on his research, Michiel is often asked for his engaging and visionary speeches or in the role of Master of Ceremony at national and international events. Additionally he works with many clients to create in-house innovation workshops where, through a strategic dialogue, emerging technologies are translated into specific business innovation opportunities. Michiel Boreel is, as Chief Technology Officer, part of the Executive Management Committee of Sogeti and is Corporate Vice President of Capgemini.


Mennp Van DoornMenno Van Doorn
Director of VINT, Sogeti

Menno Van Doorn is Director of the Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT). He is co-author of several books and studies on the impact of New Technology: Social media (Me the Media), Crowdsoucing (Open for Business), The techno-economic crisis (Don't be Evil), Big Data (No More Secrets), Internet of Things (Things) “Machine Intelligence”, “Design to Disrupt”. His current project is “Digital Happiness”. Menno is trained in advertising science and economic psychology. He received the Computable Award "IT Researcher of the Year" for research done in the field of open innovation and business transformation.



Jorik AbspoelJorik Abspoel
Head of Digital, Sogeti

Jorik Abspoel is the Head of Sogeti’s Global Digital Practise. A practice focusing on shaping market leaders through delivering digital solutions relevant in our customers’ transformation initiatives, enabling increased customer satisfaction through solutions that provide best in class digital experiences. He has over more than ten years’ experience in creating business value with new & edge technologies. 




Clemens ReijnenClemens Reijnen
Global CTO of Cloud Services, Sogeti

As a Global CTO of Cloud Services I’m responsible for the Sogeti Global Cloud portfolio. Next to help grow Sogeti countries with their local Cloud practice and support large Cloud deals, I envision and build new Cloud services with our teams. By building and supporting the Sogeti Cloud and DevOps communities I support the grow of Cloud knowledge within Sogeti.




Sander DuivesteinSander Duivestein
Senior Analyst, Sogeti

Sander Duivestein is a top-rated trendwatcher, an influential author, an acclaimed keynote speaker, a digital business entrepreneur, and a strategic advisor on disruptive innovations. His main focus is the impact of new technologies on people, businesses and society. He is therefore a much sought-after speaker for conferences, strategy sessions and other business gatherings. He works for the international research institute of Sogeti and is the co-author of several books and reports: The Synthetic Generation, AI First, Bitcoin, It's not the currency, it's the platform, stupid!, No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics, The Dark Side of Social Media,The App Effect, Don’t Be Evil, Collaboration with the Cloud, Me the Media.



mark-oost-150x200.jpgMark Oost
Global CTO Analytics & AI Services

Mark has over 10 years of experience within AI and Analytics. Before joining the group Mark was responsible for AI within Sogeti the Netherlands where he was responsible for the development of the team and business as well as the AI Strategy. Before that he worked as a (Lead) Data Scientist for Sogeti, Teradata and Experian. Where he was working for clients from multiple markets internationally on technologies around AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.


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