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Webinar: DevOps - The End of Testing? The Beginning of Digital Assurance!

Welcome to our webinar on the topic: "Webinar: DevOps - The End of Testing? The Beginning of Digital Assurance!" hosted by Mark Buenen, VP and Global Testing Leader at Sogeti. Mark is the co-author to the eight editions of the World Quality Report (2016-2017) and he will present the most important results and insights from the report. 

The second part of the webinar will be presented by Dinant van der Starre, former QA-manager and now Agil coach and Scrum Master at KPN, which is the largest telecom service provider in the Netherlands. He will tell his and KPN's journey on how to achieve hih quality through-out the whole value chain. Topics covered: DevOps, Monitoring, Automation and last but not least how to elevate your team into a High Performing team.

  • Date: 7 december 2016
  • Time: 16.00-16.45
  • Type: Webinar
  • Language: English

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  • Morten Løvstad
    Morten Løvstad
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  • Mark Buenen
    Mark Buenen
    Head of Global Digital Assurance and Testing
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  • Stefan Gerstner
    Stefan Gerstner
    Ekspert på testing tjenester
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