Imagine: A New Generation

Menno van Doorn, Director SogetiLabs Research Institute VINT

Imagine: A New Generation 

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Based on the latest findings of the SogetiLabs research institute, Menno van Doorn will present "The Synthetic Generation". Already representing 32% of the world population, their different lifestyles and values for certain will challenge all conventions of what we call "business as usual". What are the characteristics of this post-millennial youngsters? How should organizations prepare for their arrival? You will hear more about their neo-romantic activism and influencership in Menno's keynote.

Menno-van-Doorn-350x350.jpgMenno van Doorn is director of SogetiLabs Research Institute VINT. He has co-authored more than 25 reports and books on the social impact of new technologies. Menno has been elected IT Researcher of the Year for his work on open innovation and open source collaboration in the Netherlands.

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