SAP Business Assurance Report

SAP Business Assurance Report - State of Worldwide SAP Testing 2021

SAP customers are in the midst of two major transformations: moving to S/4HANA and migrating to the cloud. A ground breaking new report from Tricentis, Capgemini, and Sogeti shows whose testing strategies are up to the challenges ahead.

Report underlines the importance of a business assurance strategy for SAP.


SAP report The report is the result of a comprehensive assessment of organizations’ existing status, planned strategies, challenges, and expectations related to SAP implementation and testing. It draws on desk-based research, a quantitative global survey of 759 respondents from large-scale organizations, and a series of expert interviews.

Most SAP customers are currently in the midst of two major migrations. One is a deployment migration challenge: the move from on-prem to the cloud. The other is a technology challenge: moving from ECC to S/4HANA. The report explores in-depth, how well SAP clients are prepared to manage an unprecedented level of change in their SAP environment and how SAP business assurance strategies have evolved to accommodate a new pace of innovation.

The report:

  • Examines the evolution of SAP Business Assurance practices and the readiness of SAP clients to manage the phenomenal change in their SAP environments
  • Reveals that SAP testing maturity isn't close to desired levels and clients face many challenges in its testing and implementation
  • Urges clients to re-examine and optimize their SAP Business Assurance strategies and consider a wider spectrum to apply QA processes.


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