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We are in the business of ‘making technology work’ and our refreshed brand reflects the innovative thinking that we bring to bear in the solutions our clients need to create value fast.

Welcome to the 'Value Makers' 

Sogeti is a key business within the Capgemini Group and our new brand now aligns more closely with the Group’s own identity. Sogeti’s strength in existing and emerging technologies is complemented by the range of services that Capgemini offers. This enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive scope of solutions in support of their technology and business goals.

At Sogeti, we know how to make value from technology, it’s our passion. We work closely with clients and partners to take full advantage of the opportunities of technology. We mobilise expert teams that create custom solutions from existing and emerging technology to deliver viable outcomes at speed.

Making value is the name of our game

In short: 

  • Our hands-on approach means we start making solutions from day one
  • We make and co-create solutions with our clients and partners
  • Our speed and agility means we make solutions fast
  • Culture of making at the heart of our DNA
  • Our expertise enables us to instantly make the right choices
  • We make technology real for our clients, we make IT happen
  • We make cutting-edge innovations
  • We’re obsessed with technology and making things with technology, it’s our passion

  • We create and add value to businesses through our innovative technology solutions
  • We can make cutting-edge solutions thanks to our valuable world-class expertise in existing and emerging technologies
  • Clients value how intimately we work with them and trust us with their projects
  • Our people are valuable assets in clients’ teams
  • Close alliances with global tech giants who value us as business partners
  • Our people find value in making technology solutions because it’s their passion 
  • Value in our delivery of sustainable outcomes that others can’t deliver
  • We embrace the value of diversity within Sogeti and the entrepreneurial spirit of our people
  • Our value is in our approach, characterised by the speed with which we deliver solutions

Our new brand unveiled

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This depth of expertise is vital in today’s digital and fast-paced business environment where disruption is the norm. At Sogeti we are passionate about helping you respond to this disruption with the right solutions, at the right time – and at pace.

Our spirit

  • Therese Sinter
    Therese Sinter
    Marketing & Communications Director, Scandinavia
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