"Is Blockchain ready to become the building Block of the Enterprise?"

With the hype around blockchain being used only for specific tasks, our SogetiLabs expert Rahul Tayal explains us multiple ways in which blockchain can be brought to use.

There is a lot of hype and hyperbole about the impact and disruptions that blockchain promises to unleash on the Enterprise world. Some insist that the technology is unnecessary; while others maintain that it represents the critical missing link of the grand technology puzzle. The reality probably lies somewhere in between—and this underpins the ongoing debate.

Trust is the foundation of all business, yet maintaining trust in an ever-expanding global economy is an expensive, time-consuming, and frequently inefficient undertaking. Blockchain introduces the new paradigm of distributed trust (trustless) that is fueling all the excitement and optimism around the technology today.

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  • Rahul Tayal
    Rahul Tayal
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