Robotic Space Farers may save Humanity: Let the Valkyrie decide

When I was in my younger years, the thought of space exploration and astronauts was pretty big news. Back then, many of us probably had thoughts of becoming an astronaut in some manner or another.

There was a truly human element to it, the “astronaut” was one of us. A human. For space distances to the moon for example, this “human astronaut” model seemed to work. (Yes, I know, call me naive, but I think humans have actually set foot on the moon). However, when it comes to the further explorations on Mars and other further away planets, we humans have some obvious limitations. Mostly these relate to the distance and time needed to reach the planets, but even then there are obvious physical and mental constraints as well.

We need sufficient food, air, water and liveable temperatures, gravity levels, etc. for our physical side. Likewise, our mental and social sides need to be taken care of as well, we even need a sense of purpose and well-being, identity and companionship. We get lonely, we make mistakes and so the obvious question is: For future spacefaring missions, if we humans fall short, what will supplant that as a solution?

Well NASA has known for some time that one of the solutions is: Robotics. [...]


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