Testing in the Digital Age - AI makes a difference

Testing in the Digital Age - AI makes a difference

The book “Testing in the digital age” gives insight in all aspects of testing digital solutions. It ranges from the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning in testing, cooperation between robots and humans, to testing 3D printed products and autonomous machines.

Book Overview

The digital age is testing the limits of companies. A demand for extremely quick market response, new technology and keeping up with emerging more agile competitors, is what they face right now. Keeping up with all this, is putting you on your toes. Running an experiment in the field is nothing new. It is more and more accepted to crowd test and immediately move to large scale market solutions.

Digital is put in front of lots of terms. This makes existing processes, products or solutions different from how we know them. Digital twin, digital manufacturing, digital assurance, digital transformation, digital age and digital enterprise are but examples of digital terminology. We even have digital football players!

Digital creates an environment of like-minded products. A digital aspect of a product makes it possible to communicate with another digital product in one way or another. Integration is the keyword here. A flurry of recent acquisitions of major API management vendors, shows the world that APIs are part of a bigger market called integration. API management as a much more an extension of integration, because that’s where they are developing their APIs. A clear indication that IT recognizes the value of APIs for application integration. Internet of Things(IoT) is maturing fast, making integration of ‘Thing’ data a reality. IoT brings IT and OT together, making it the biggest integration project of this day and age.

Finally, blockchain technology is contributing to all these integration initiatives. Companies ranging from Fintech to healthcare are getting in line to adopt this new way for fast and secure payments. Integration will be the key that ties these new initiatives into your business, adding new channels for secure and fast business. IT departments need to find a new way forward to support the enterprise infrastructure and maximize the potential benefits of having improved access to this data. With the IoT, APIs, blockchain and chatbots thrown into the mix, integration is no longer the problem of your IT department, it is everyone’s problem.


Sogeti High Tech and Testing experts Tom van de Ven and Rik Marselis together with Humayun Shaukat are the authors behind this new 'Testing in the Digital Age' book.

Book Launch

The book launch for 'Testing in a Digital Age - AI makes a difference' will take place on the 1st of June in Utrecht. If you are interested in attending the book launch event please click here.

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