Olivier Hanoun

How to Fit Performance Testing with DevOps  

Olivier Hanoun, Senior Performance Engineer at Neotys

How to Fit Performance Testing with DevOps 

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DevOps environments demand shorter development cycles and a lot of automation. Performance testing is complex and takes time because it still requires human action. So how can reliable and thorough performance tests be executed in these fast-paced environments and how can performance testing tools integrate with a DevOps toolchain?

In this conference, you will learn more about the best practices for including performance testing into your DevOps development process:

- What is the impact of DevOps on the performance testing practice?

- How to integrate your performance testing solution into a DevOps toolchain?

- What parts of performance testing can be automated in a DevOps environment?

-How are the roles of performance testers evolving and is performance testing morphing into performance engineering?

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Olivier Hanoun is a Senior Performance Engineer at Neotys. Previously, Olivier Hanoun worked as a Technical Marketing Manager in a semi-conductor company in Taiwan. Prior to that Olivier was a field application engineer in STMicroelectronics. Being in Neotys from the early development of the company, 12 years ago, Olivier has been involved in all aspects of load and performance testing projects as well as delivering professional services and training. He is an expert in automation and continuous integration and provides hands-on technical support for systems continuous delivery/deployment to enterprise customers. Olivier graduated from the “Ecole Centrale de Marseille” with an MS in Engineering, and from the French Air Force Academy with an MS in Mechanic and Aeronautic. 

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