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Webinar: Cybersecurity: Ensuring what you fix today is fit for tomorrow

Hyper speed digitalization is enabling new ways of working – but is it also compromising security and privacy? Find out how a risk-based approach and balancing digital business enablement with security in the current crisis will ensure your organization is ready to seize new opportunities in the long term.

kalendar 27. mai 2020 15:00 - 15:45
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Cybersecurity: Ensuring what you fix today is fit for tomorrow

Evidence suggests that critical bodies, including hospitals and food delivery services, have already been targeted by cyber criminals or other threat entities.

The shift to a work-from-home operating model raises significant implications for IT and cybersecurity. Business and IT leaders must respond rapidly to a new threat landscape, from the need to enable secure remote working for employees, to a heightened risk of state-sponsored attacks on critical infrastructure, such as healthcare, relief agencies, and financial services.

Why the impact of rapidly driven transformation will affect organizations in the long term?


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