Nordic World Quality Report Road Show 2024

Join our Nordic Road Show and explore the power of GenAI in shaping Quality Engineering along with other key findings from the World Quality Report 2023-24. The World Quality Report is the industry’s largest research study of quality engineering practices from around the world, and across different industries.

For 15 years, we have brought you the most current, industry-shaping insights from the quality engineering and testing world. The milestone 15th edition of the World Quality Report captures the nuances and trends in the industry, with key findings and recommendations across several key focus areas: business assurance, agile quality management, QE lifecycle automation, AI, quality ecosystem, digital core reliability, intelligent product testing, and sustainability.

Meet and interact with one of our sharpest minds globally, Mark Buenen, at the WQR Nordic Road Show 2024 in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Mark will guide you through the latest trends in testing with special focus on quality orchestration in Agile Developments, Efficiency in Quality Automation, Skills and Expertise for QA&Test professionals, and adoption of AI and GenAI in the quality process.

The expert

Mark Buenen is the global leader for Quality Engineering & Testing at Sogeti and the entire Capgemini Group. He pro-actively drives the evolution of testing services to stay ahead of the evolving client expectations. He has more than 20 years of international experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance covering key areas such as business-driven Test Management, structured Test Methodology, Test Automation and Test Accelerators, global delivery, transparent KPI's and SLA's, defined testing services for projects, continuous improvement, and transformation from Test Center to Quality Center. He also works on risk-sharing commercial models for testing and on solutions that demonstrate the strategic value of testing to senior management. He is one of the authors of the World Quality Report since 2013.

The Road Show

Mark Buenen will visit Finland, Norway and Sweden during the Road Show. Take the opportunity to fuel your knowledge with the latest insights from Mark Buenen. Each event's agenda holds a 45 minute session Mark Buenen and 15 minutes for questions and discussions. Choose your location and date as per your convenience:


City Location Date Time

Quality Hotel Pond Koppholen 17
4313 Sandnes

March 5 08.30-09.00: Breakfast
09.00-10.00: WQR Presentation and Q&A
Bergen Sogeti
Krinkelkroken 1
March 5 16.00-16.30: Drinks & Pre-mingle
16.30-17.30: WQR Presentation and Q&A
Trondheim Sogeti
Haakon VIIs gt. 27, Trondheim
March 6 08.30-09.00: Breakfast
09.00-10.00: WQR Presentation and Q&A
Oslo CIO Forum Test
Edvard Storms gate 2
March 7 08.00-12.00: Breakfast is served at 08.00 thereafter seminars and Mark Buenen about World Quality Report 2023-24. Register here


City Location Date Time
Stockholm Scenen Konferens
Solna Business Park
Englundavägen 5 Solna           
March 20 13.00-14.00: WQR Presentation and Q&A


City Location Date Time
Helsinki Hotel Kämp Pohjoisesplanadi, 29, Helsinki, 00100, Finland April 11 18:00-20:00: WQR Presentation and Q&A

Is this you? 

Could our Nordic Road show be a meeting place and source of knowledge for you? Of course! Perhaps you are a CEO, CIO or Quality Manager who understands or wants to understand more about the value of testing and quality assurance for your business. Maybe you are a Tester, Testing Manager, Testing Architect, AI Tester, Test Automation expert or have another specific expertise in Testing and Quality Assurance.



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