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Sogeti inviterer kunder og ansatte til boklansering: Neil’s Quest for Quality - A TMap HD Story.

Eight years after introducing TMap® NEXT, the updated version of the world-renowned methodology for testing, Sogeti is proud to launch a new way of testing software - “TMap® Human Driven” (TMap® HD*).

This new testing methodology embodies a shift from a traditional fixed formula to an innovative building-block approach. The new TMap® HD is fully aligned with current trends such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, the Internet of Things and software development using the Agile/Scrum methodologies.

Sogeti’s building-block approach for structured testing, assuring a high quality in IT applications, is based on four main elements: simplifying the work, industrializing and standardizing the day-to-day processes, working closely with software end-users, and securing the right people, with the right mindset, to make the applications a success.

TMap® HD dedicated book and website The new TMap® HD is being launched in the form of both a book and a website. The book offers an innovative novel-based story that many professional testers and Quality Assurance-focused managers can relate to. The book entitled 'Neil’s Quest for Quality' describes the story of an organization wrestling with securing software quality. The company in the book introduces an advanced testing and development approach, putting the delivery of quality at the core, and where applications are delivered faster and at lower costs. It also describes how the four elements of TMap® HD are applied in concrete terms.